Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rocks and Bugs

My drive to work, visually, is not too bad.  There is a lot of exposed rock to look at and in the spring time the trees bloom purple and white and it's very beautiful.

I noticed about a week ago that a giant rock separated from the rock wall cliff and fell into the grass next to the road.  It's pretty awesome looking. It's brown with smooth sides and rounded corners.  It looks like the perfect pocket rock to carry around with you in your pocket to rub or hold onto, only it's too big to fit into the bed of my truck!  I've been staring at it every time I drive past, and yesterday a lot more rocks fell in the same spot!  It happened between when I drove to work and when I drove home.

There are two things I know:
1.  It's a very mild and warm winter bringing more mosquitoes and ticks
2.  The groundhog saw his shadow bringing 6 more weeks of winter

My theory is that there will be a bunch of ticks and mosquitoes hatching and making home very soon.  Then the groundhog power will set in and it will get VERY VERY cold and frozen at the end of the 6 weeks. This will kill all of the bugs and it will be too late for them to re-spawn.

It's a good theory.

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