Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today Things Happened and I Bought Groceries.

I went to the zoo today with Josh.  We received a membership to the zoo from Nate and Lianne for Christmas.  I of course used it as soon as I could!  We can get into the zoo now for free whenever we want for a year!!

Not all of the animals were out because it was cold and there was snow.  The ones that were out were much more active than they were in 103 degree weather.  The tigers were walking around.  The cloud leopard was running around and trying to escape.  I saw 6 zebras and before I had only seen 2.  The koi fish were not active and looked dead....they were very active in the summer.  The red panda couldn't relax enough to poop even though he really wanted to.  He ran around and climbed his tree a lot.  The cougar meowed at us, and I had a conversation with it.  Bet you didn't know I speak Cougar.  I asked her to leap 30 feet from a sitting position like the sign said she could.  She said, no.

In the Bamboo Trail I was attacked by intestinal problems for the third time today...that's when I realized I was sick.  My mom called me later, she says that half the people at Oma's got sick like me.  There was probably 60 people there!  That's a lot of sickness.

On the way home from the zoo I asked Josh if we could stop for chicken noodle soup, and he said, yes, here's Krogers.  We ended up doing a full grocery shopping trip on the spur of the moment.  I guess that's okay.  We got a pecan pie.... I ate half of it before the soup was done.  Don't yell at me mom.  It was delicious and I did show self restraint...I had seriously contemplated eating the whole thing.  I told Josh that Ackbar had helped me with eating it.  He licked up the crumbs left on my plate...I think.  He may have just sniffed them.  Josh  made me chicken noodle soup from scratch.  Not the broth, we bought that, but he boiled all the ingredients together.  It's delicious.

I think we heard gunshots outside of our apartment this evening.  But I'm not sure...it didn't sound like gunshots, but I can't imagine what else could make a noise like that, unless someone was exploding things outside.  Which is much less likely than gunshots really.

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