Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Goal check in

Goal Check in:

1.  Brushing and flossing are going well.  Lilly went to the dentists for the first time, so now I've got her in that 6 month cycle.
2.  I have tried but still need to work on my exersice and getting into the tamarac.  It's frustrating b/c the times that are best to go are the weekends and they have funny childcare hours then that do not work for us.  I suppose I have to change to get to the tamarac.
3.  Eating vegetables is happening.  I am having spinach at lunch and so is josh.  I'm workign to get him a veggie in his lunch too as a snack.  THis week has been hard, I was really tired, so not much is getting done that is helpful.
4.  Taxes are done but need to be mailed out.
5.  I'm still working on my planner, but it's slow going.  I just got my daily pages to print out correctly.  about 100 sheets later.  I love my printer.  It makes me get more exersize too b/c I have to go downstairs to get what I printed out.
6.  Knitting is slow going, but I can't wait to start my next project.  I want to do something big.  But I think I will do some socks for Val first.  THat's really important to me.  Socks don't take a long time if they are simple.

I have been doing my taxes 10 min a day until they are done.  It's frustrating b/c I just want to keep going, but I can't. 

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