Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rain boots and Donuts

I'm having one of those tired-but-must-keep-going days, and I brought Lilly to the grocery store hungry.  Both of us hungry.  We were out of milk and more importantly, donuts.  Lilly was wearing her rain boots, and life is always so much harder on the trips that she wears her rain boots.  She kicks them off constantly, then I can't set her down because it's wet and she doesn't have shoes on.  Then when she can be set down, she gets extra excited for the rain and the puddles and just runs and jumps and refuses to listen.

She kicked her boots off a total of 3 times in the grocery store, and she didn't even wear them the majority of the time.  She wanted out of the cart the whole time. She wanted balloons.  She wanted meat.  She wanted fruit snacks.  She wanted M&Ms.  She didn't want the fruit snacks I picked out even though they are the only type she's ever had.  I told her she has to stay in the cart because it was faster, and the faster we shop, the faster we can eat our donuts.  I heard a lady laugh loudly over that.

Both Lilly and I were out of pants.  She wore her capri pants that came up past her boots.  I wore a skirt, but didn't not want to take off my socks.  So my red polar fleece socks stuck out the tops of my fancy pancy shoe boots.  So put together looking.  I figured it was better than pajama pants, but I'm not really sure.

Then the bagger was bringing my groceries out to my car for me (one more reason that Bill's Shop and Save is the best) and we were making small talk.  Lilly had to squirm out of my arms once we got to the car and I had to unlock the trunk.  She ran away and it looked like she was going to take off in the parking lot.  The bagger was sweet and jumped after her, but really she was just going to the puddle behind the car parked next to us.  She had to jump in it. Had to.  The bagger said he was in "red alert" and that he was an uncle and was always super worried about kids.  I said
Yeah, sometimes I'm just too tired to chase her.

What does that even mean?!?!?  That sometimes I let her run around in parking lots and just don't care?  I think it's one of the most crazy mom things I've said thus far.  I have a feeling that the bagger guy is smart enough to realize the absurdity of the statement too.  I guess I hope so...I like knowing I impacted someone's day.
The donuts were excellent.

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