Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Too Much Information On The Internet says Old People

There is this saying I hear from people closer in age to the Baby Boomers, but you could give or take 20 years, and it isn't always directly from someone, but read on an article.  It's that there is too much information on the internet for new mom's now a days.  It's possible that one could say that about anything, but the topic I remember most is new mom's. 

As a new mom, what does that mean?  Does it mean we spend too much time reading medical sites worrying that our kids are sick with something horrible? Does it mean we spend too much time talking or judging or feeling judged by other mom's on the internet? Does that mean, there are too many options for things like baby sleeping protocal?  Food options?  The best way to do anything baby?

I can talk, feel judged, and judge others just as easily in real life.  I can go to mom groups and get word of mouth information on the worst flu going around and the best way to sleep a baby.  

Just telling me there is too much information does not help me.  I grew up with this much information...maybe, just maybe, I am better at filtering through it than the pre-internet generation thinks?

How is too much information bad?  If I have a question, I go to the internet for my answer right away.  I do not go to the library and pick out an outdated book a week later for my answer.

Should I stop using the internet as a new mom?  Do I need to explain the major problems with that? In school, you are taught to use all resources available to do your work...  but in parenting, stay away from the biggest and easiest available resource?

I'm told there is too much information on the internet, but I'm not told what to do about it.  I'm not told what to do instead of going on the internet.  I'm not told what information is too much.  I just don't understand how there can be too much information, ever.  It doesn't matter what I'm suppose to do or not do instead; I'm still using the internet.  It's part of me and my life in a way it's not been part of someone older than me. 

I wish elders would tell me why not having the internet makes things better, because if I could understand where they are coming from, maybe I can do things better.

I guess what I'm saying is when it comes to the internet, Get on my level!  Teach new moms how to filter through the internet, teach new moms confidence so they don't have to jump to the internet straight away, teach new moms how to use other resources besides the internet...the only one they know.  Start a weblog called "Grandma's Wisdom" or something.  Or would that just add more information?

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