Monday, June 23, 2014


What an exciting summer this is turning out to be!  And I didn't even get to make the pilgrimage out to Colorado with the rest of the cousins.  Someday, I will have money and a bigger truck and a camper and a paid vacation in order to do so.

And that someday may be sooner than I think!  (Think in 2 years, not 10). 

Josh is sleeping with Lilly right now and my parents are out and about doing their things.  So it's just me, for once.  Why is Josh home on a weekday? Shouldn't he be working?  That's what you'd think right? What with a job through a temp agency at Magna assembling car door handles, there's no time for breaks and napping with babies.  Well, last week he over slept and was 30 min late to work.  The temp agency said that that is a money waster for the company and told him not to bother coming in again.  What a depressing day!  Oh, he over slept because his alarm on the phone did not go off for some reason unknown to us.  Yes, it was raining, but it was in airplane mode to save battery, and it's worked before in airplane mode.  All I know, it was a blessing from God.

Yes, a blessing.  Because that night he got a call from Gerber, and they want to hire him in to general assembly!  What an exciting happy day!  This is and what I can only pray, will be his final "real" job.  They pay a living wage (after his probation period), give benefits, and actively try to keep their workers once they're in.  And you want to know what I think? I think it was his degree that he finished that set him ahead of many of the rest of the applicants.  I mean, he has 9 or so years of food experience that applies when you are making baby food, he has a bachelors in biology and chemistry that applies when making baby food in a giant plant, and he's ready to settle down in a job for a long time.  We heard that it's extremely hard to get into Gerber's and one guy stayed out all night in a car waiting for the applications to be handed out the next morning before they started online applying.  We heard this after Josh applied online, without the help of all my friends' dads who work there.  Boy were we surprised when he got the call for the interview.

I'm a little early in announcing this, I wanted to wait until he started and settled in, but I'm just too excited.  So, if something happens, don't be surprised or sad or judging.  I'm trying my hardest not to count my eggs before they hatch, so I won't relax until he's in in in.

And on that note, I have a phone interview this week for a position at Gerber too!  I'm not going to get into it because it's just an interview and one thing I've learned is you don't get a job until after the interview.  Plus, if I don't get it the position, that's okay I want to stay home anyways.

Which brings me to another happy realization.  I've gotten an interview for every job I've applied for since I've moved.  I think this is due to my Master's Degree.  I just can't believe it's paying off!  I didn't get the jobs because I wasn't the right fit for the positions, and I agree with that.  It's absolutely important to me that I get a job I enjoy if I'm going to be away from Lilly.  Plus, to get all religious on you,  I do believe God has a plan for us and that's why it's taken so long to restart our lives here.  He's not going to let me get hired in until it's the job he wants me to have. 

Now the best news, due to Josh's early termination, he gets to spend three weeks at home with me and Lilly before he starts!  See, God knows what he's doing, messing up our cell phones and all.  Just in case you were wondering, Josh unpacked a Darth Vader alarm clock to use.  Courtesy of his sister Ryan.

Now, I know you are dying to know the results of our car being fixed. is fixed!  Both doors open properly, the wheel is not going to fall off, and it has AC.  It's like a brand new car except for the smell and the cigarette burns from the last owner.  (Did I ever mention that the car looks like shit? Runs great, ugly as hell.)  I fixed the door handle and it was a lot easier than I ever thought it would be.  I took off the door panel, the door handle casing, unlatched the window openers and automatic locking casing, (in a different order than I listed) and replaced the handle.  I put everything back on, and the last step was to snap back in the handle casing.  It wasn't going in, so I gave it a good shove, and snapped out a plastic latch part I hadn't put in place properly! So there is now a big hole in it.  Yes, I broke part of it on the very last step.  It's okay though, it just adds to the broken plastic appearance of the car.

This morning I got up and the house smelled of sesame oil.  I didn't know when we cooked with it, but it was pretty strong.  Then I brought Ackbar his breakfast in the hallway, and it smelled even stronger out there.  How can that be?  I sniffed again and thought about it.  Our house smells not of sesame seed oil, but of skunk!  Pretty badly too.  Ackbar did not get sprayed, he smells delicious, like kitty cat.  So, as far as I can imagine, a skunk walked up to our house, said, Screw You, and sprayed it.  With his two, independently controlled stink sphincters. You should research skunks, they are quite amazing, and have the greatest chance of all animals of having rabies. 

Lilly is almost one year old.  She has gotten so big!  She likes to dance and crawl very fast while yelling.  She loves to go outside, but she is afraid of touching grass.  And leaves and tree branches.  She is afraid of barking dogs but not dogs that don't bark.  This morning she was terrified of a blue beach volleyball and screamed bloody murder when I rolled it at her.  We've worked her through that fear and now she can throw it away from her.  Lilly does not like going to sleep or changing her clothes or being forced to sit in her car seat.  She does like riding in the cart at Walmart and at the grocery store.  She loves grapes and strawberries and baby food pouches and drinking water.

Ackbar is coming to realize that his life is no longer as peaceful as it used to be and that it will no longer be so.  He sleeps on my dads chair, and Lilly crawls up and yells at him and touches him.  So he gets up and goes and sleeps on our bed. (It's his fault he chooses her nap spot as his own napping spot).  I bring her in to nap, and she yells at him and grabs at him there.  So he gets up and goes to sleep back on the chair.  She wakes up and finds him and makes him move once more.  Once, I put her on the bed (it was dark in the room) and I laid down next to her and there was something there.  I yelled in fear, and it turns out I laid on Ackbar.

This picture is from the end of May.  She is bigger now.

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