Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Puke Cheese?

I was thinking.  I read in my Survival Guide Book that cheese uses rennet to make cheese with.  Rennet is very powerful stuff I suppose and it comes from the stomachs of all baby mammals.  That's why baby puke and probably early poops, look like cottage cheese.  Because it is.  Because of the rennet.  The book says that much of the rennet used today comes from veal.  But what about back in the day? What about people who made cheese but couldn't afford to kill their only baby calf?  Do they use baby squirrels or bunnies?  Do you know what I would use?  Baby puke.  They say that rennet is powerful stuff and you only need a teaspoon, so it seems to me that some diluted rennet in baby puke would work just as good.  Also, I've had baby puke in my mouth from more than one baby and it wasn't as gross as you think.

Before I read this book and wrote that above paragraph, I really liked the name Rennet for my next baby girl.  I'm going to think carefully on that choice.  BUT it is better than Sue Diligence.

My oldest friend's older brother his here now with a tractor.  He and my dad are pulling cement blocks from the patio.  Big ones...5 ft by 5ft pieces.  It's a long story as to why, but it involves a large mistake by Elmer's cement company in Traverse City.  I don't suggest them.  Anyways, Lilly is fascinated!  That's why I can write this...she is busy sitting and watching it happen through the sliding glass door.  She has only ever sat this still for this long before when she was sleeping.

Agh.  They got the cement loose and pulled it away to the back with the Hops.  Now Lilly has found not only me, but something better...my laptop.

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