Tuesday, April 30, 2013

They Had To Reach Top Speed

I have not had a lot to say lately.  I still don't know what to say...  I'm just tired of too much bad stuff and personal stuff leaking out of me at the wrong times, so I had to take a break. 

But there is good stuff I've been learning, and I would like to share.

Did you know that in Australia there is a preserved fossil record of a dinosaur stampede?  All that you can see now are fossilized dinosaur footprints in mud, and they show that it was a stampede.  The most likely scenario is that there were two sizes of dinosaurs at a drinking water hole, small and medium.  They were getting along quite well.  I like to think of it being similar to the part of the book, The Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling, where in the dryest of summer, the water at the drinking hole shrinks and dries up.  At some point the Peace Rock appears, and it's a rock that indicates that there is peace among the predators and the prey.  Both need water more than food, so when the Peace Rock appears, there is a truce and all can get a drink without fear of being hunted.

So imagine drinking your water, only you are a dinosaur and everyone knows that dinosaurs have no manners and rules like civilized jungle animals.  Would you listen if you were the size of a house?  No.  So the house sized dino leaps out of the bushes behind the peacefully drinking dinosaurs, scaring them half to death and making them run around crazy like and stampede away, leaving nothing but footprints behind them.

Here is a short educational version.  You can see, if you pay attention, that there are big footprints of one giant scary dino, and little footprints (two sizes, medium and small), of all the terrified dinos:

Here is an artistic rendition of the stampede (VERY GOOD):

I hope you watched both videos.

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