Saturday, October 13, 2012

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Well, what a busy busy time it's been.  I went home to Michigan last weekend and missed the Fremont Fall Festival with Haybale Street Art.  So sad.   Instead I visited DianeMom and saw her new fence around her back yard.  It's really nice because now she can't see half her neighbors nor the cars driving by.  I rescued my grandma from an internetless existence by plugging in her new modem and restarting the computer.  Sounds so simple doesn't it?  Well, it was harder than you would think.  I had to call  Charter and talk to a smart robot and she took me through all of the problem solving procedures.  I was a little dissappointed in myself when the problem was that I needed to restart the computer.  That's what I forget to do the most at work and I call the IT guy and he comes and tells me what to press the on/off button.  The good part is he's pretty cool, so I don't mind him coming and "taking up my time" at work...even though it's his time that's being used.  It was great to see my grandma again!  She has a lot of started quilting projects and it makes me feel better about my few half finished knitting projects.

In Grand Rapids I visited my brother and sister.  Mandy moved on Saturday across town.  I glued pictures to fancy paper to make decorations for a party.  I also showed up to Nate's, my brother's house, before he and his wife were done shopping.  I read him the shopping list he forgot, only it was impossible for him to understand my north/south hybrid accent.  While they were gone Josh and I inspected all the sweet stuff in their house including a game of fooze ball, darts (where I put the first hole in the dry wall!), 70's recliner office chair (jealous!), and bar.  Their bar includes a hand-made bar, fancy pancy liquor, regular liquor, a kegorator, and a bottle sink.  Oh and a fridge filled with mini pops.  What they need is a good cleaning towel...I will have to find them a few free Indian or USDA ones.

In the evening we held a surprise 30th Anniversary party for my parents.  I was so excited, I'm pretty sure everyone at work was sick and tired of hearing me talk about it.  Too bad for them, I had a great time thinking about it!  It was great to see my mom, especially since I know she was sad because we aren't going to have a P&C Straathof Family Camp this year.  And we both needed mom and daughter hugs.  Those are top priority in our family.  To make up for the camping trip my mom, sister and I are going to New Orleans in December for a week.  I can not wait. They are going to love that city.

It was so wonderful to so much of my family again.  Extended family came from all over the state. It's so nice to see so much love and support for our family.  I hope I'm able to return it all someday.  Even if I am physically unable to, I'm always thinking of my family and praying for the best.  But then they left and the REAL party got started.

LOL.  Josh and I are the best at casual yet exclusive parties.  Mostly we have amazing parties but don't ever invite other people.  I think it's a family thing.  Nick provided the music on guitar, Lianne sang, and the Straathof's danced and made dark rum drinks.  Josh chaperoned.   Lianne sang "Kitty Meow Meow"  which is the top on my list of best songs ever.  Then she found a witches' hat that produced magical white gloves.  We took turns dressing up.

Then it was time for bed and I whirl winded to bed.  It was a GIANT house full of wood floors and wide open rooms with smooth carpet.  I'm not at all used to so much space and privacy to run and dance and yell like I used too...and I fell straight into a heavy duty wooden chest and a bed frame.  I got the two largest bruises since I moved down here.  Not ever.  Probably in the top 5 worst bruises.

I use these bruises to tease the people at work.  They always think I've been beaten or abused or something outrages with my bruises...but in reality I lead a full impact is too fun and amazing to worry about things like door frames and car doors.  All I do is bruise myself, always.  Sliding down snow piles in the mountains and hitting rocks, getting kicked by a show calf, falling while playing basketball in the all bruises and it's a sign of toughness.  But at work it's a sign of a bad homelife.  I don't understand it and I refuse to conform to it.  I mean, yesterday on my way to the airport I kneed the door to the shuttle van and got a third bruise just as painful as the ones I got from my fall.

I spent this last week at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.  I'm not going to talk about that because it was work and I'm not done processing it yet.  But it is my favorite casino of all of them.

Now I am relaxing at home.  I hope you are having a nice weekend as well.

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